DVD Now on Sale!

Hi folks just a note to say that the DVD is on Sale now at the Glass Onion Cafe Back Row Denbigh Just next to the town hall at £7.99.
I hope some of you will pop in for a coffee at the same time!
07715545564 Mobile – 01745 813125 Work
Crown Square, Back Row, Denbigh, United Kingdom
Website – http://www.glassonioncafe.co.uk
Email susan@glassonioncafe.co.uk

Thank you for a great showing at the Theatre!

My heartfelt thanks for everyone who came along to the Theatre last night for the first showing of the film. It was a great success I think and was a very enjoyable night. It was an honour to see so many friendly and familiar faces. My thanks especially to Tony, Sue, John, Phil and the theatre staff… I hope many more of you who missed out on seeing the film last night will get a chance to see it in the future I will keep everyone posted on whats happening next with the film….
Kindest Regards

The Movie is finally Finished folks – Free showing at theatre 16 March

Hi everybody, I am pleased to announce that the film is now in completion! It has been a rollercoaster ride with ups and downs of software problems, frustration and most of all fantastic memories coming back through all the archive footage. Lots of you have been incredibly supportive of the whole project and I would like to thank Barbara Clayton, John Sellers, Alan Thompson, Tony and Elfyn Jones especially for helping me bring the project to fruition. I hope that on Friday the 16th March you can all make it to Theatre Twm o`r Nant Denbigh for the free showing where we can all relive the memories together of what I believe was a very endearing chapter in the history of Denbigh. The festivals were very popular and I hope anyone and everyone who was involved as either audience, performer or organiser will be able to attend. I look forward to seeing you all there!

My name`s John Sellers and I come from Llangynhafal!

YouTube responded to TubePress with an HTTP 410 - No longer available Only a rock god could say such things! And he did! So I had a visit from my good friend Stu Jones the other week and bingo! He produces up a very dusty vhs copy of the Giro`s set at Pigstock 2001 I couldn`t beleive my eyes… So into the machine it goes and after about an hour I had captured one of their best sets at Pigstock. A little help from my good friend Alan Thompson working his magic on the intro and voila here it is for all to enjoy… A taster at least for now of part 1 of the film. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did..



Well its been a busy time for me towards the end of this Summer working hard on the film and we now have a final version of part 2 of the film (Pigstock 2002)! Felt great when we tried it out on the big screen in the theatre and all went well… The film looked great in widescreen too! But there have been problems… Having just started work on part 1 of the film my software gave up the ghost and it has taken me the best part of a month to put it right! All working great now and I have been busy digging out and capturing footage of the old days. It`s brought back some great memories for me and I`d like to thank Babs, Elfyn and Alan for their much appreciated contributions..thanks… I am still in need of photos from the old hope and Anchor days if any of you out there know of any although I am waiting on a lead also. So back to college and trying to fit the film in between I`ll keep you posted on how things are getting on… Bye for now, John

Background to the Festival

During the early to mid nineties Denbigh was enjoying a revival of live folk and country blues music at venues such as the Folk Club at the hope and Anchor pub on Vale Street. The nights of music there had seen acts as diverse as Traditional Irish pipe players to country blues players from local bands such as the Giro gypsies, Redhill, Terminal. Rum bum and concertina and other local artistes such as Penny Neal, Brian Liqourice Locking,Steve Aspey and Clerical Error. The nights were usually free and songwriters and artistes from across the area would show up to perform at one of the friendliest nights around. Beer would flow voices would soar and many would remember the times for years to come…During this period the idea formed to stage a festival of all the talent that had frequented the nights over the years, An idea that would prove very successful for years to come and Denbigh music festival as it was initially known was born out of this. During December of 1995 a show was put on at the local theatre, Twm or Nant. Following on from the success of this show Brothers Huw and John Evans together with John Sellers, Alan Thompson, Matt Miller, Philip O`loughlin and others would take the idea and run with it in the form of an open air event which would eventually become Pigstock